Lil Pondarosa Minis  

 Too Small For A Big Stall



                        AMHA/AMHR 29.75"


                        Foaled 04/13/2012

LWO Neg., E/E, a/a, Sabino Neg., Splash 1N/SW1,

                             SW2&3 N/N

          Sire: Toyland Little Tradewind

          Dam: Miller's Red's Firelight

We bred for this boy and are so proud of this cross that we plan to start his breeding career this year. He was shown last year and received 3 Amature First and 3 Open First as well as 1 Amature Reserve Grand and 3 Amature Grands and 2 Open Grands. This was his first show and we are so proud of him.

He has been DNA tested and his results are  LWO Neg, Agouti a/a, Black Homozygous, Sabino N/N Splashed White -1 Heterozygous, and neg for SW2 and 3.

                                                         Not For Sale


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