Lil Pondarosa Minis  

 Too Small For A Big Stall


       This is an actual foaling from our barn recorded by a friend on Marestare



                      I have been searching the web for information on foaling and have found some great sites, and thankfully with their permission, share their link so we all can see and learn.  I do appreciate them allowing us to share this for us all to learn.  Keep in mind these are real pictures and do have blood and some have aborted foals in them , So please look at them with caution.

     Crayonbox Miniatures has a great site for the gestation of the miniature foals. ( ) .  They also have other pages of great foaling information .


     I truly enjoy trying to find out all I can on foaling of miniatures and know there are others out there like me whom love to keep learning.  So as I find more information I will be sharing it here once I get the host sites permission to do so.


Here is another foaling from our farm Thanks to a Marestare friend.



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