Lil Pondarosa Minis  

 Too Small For A Big Stall

                                     GUARD DONK


I do believe the best guard donk God ever created. She has more than earned her keep by just keeping the coyotes across the creek. She has earned her right to stay here her lifetime.

                                BARN GUARD DOGS


This is a stray that can one day and decided to move in. He has been here for years now and lets us know when anyone or anything comes near the property.


Here is Yogi he is the one sweet boy who will do his job at all cost. He is a great help to us at all hours of the day and night. He will always be here with us.

                                  BARN MOUSERS 


                          FLASH MAN 

He is not only beautiful but amazing at ridding us of vermon.


A stray that was abused that found us and decided this was his home a few years ago. He is also very proficient at taking care of vermon.

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